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Meet Dr. Connie Shoemaker, ND: Helping Practitioners Apply ‘Health in Balance’ to Their Practice


It’s still Naturopathic Medicine Week! We caught up with Dr. Connie Shoemaker in between phone consultations with Sanesco clients to ask her a few questions. With a Bachelor’s in Science from Western Carolina University, followed later by a Doctor of Naturopathy degree, Dr. Shoemaker has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and respect for a more natural approach to healing through balance. At Sanesco she educates clients on the application of the CSM™ model for their specific patients, and how to integrate the CSM model with other modalities they offer in their practice.

Q. What’s the best part of working with Sanesco?

Speaking with our clients! Integrative practitioners are most caring and concerned about their patients’ health. It is always an interesting exchange, with me learning from the practitioner as much as I hope I teach them. When speaking with these practitioners, the focus is always on healing and the patient, rather than on the bottom line.

Q. What’s the most challenging aspect about being a naturopath?

Living in North Carolina (as I do), naturopaths are not licensed to work with patients. However, I have found that consulting and educating practitioners through my work at Sanesco is equally interesting and serves the work of multiple practitioners across the nation and abroad.

Q. What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years?

That it is important to guard your thoughts as they do become things. If negativity and dark thoughts fill your mind, no matter the source, it will be manifested in your external life. Mayo Angelo so understood this concept that she would leave a party or event where negative words were the focus. As Mother Teresa once said, “I would not join a march against war but I would join a march FOR peace. “

What’s on your bucket list?

A list of places and things I have not yet seen—as well as some that I have seen in the past but wish to visit again—both here and abroad.

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Sanesco Health

Disclaimer: The information provided is only intended to be general educational information to the public. It does not constitute medical advice. If you have specific questions about any medical matter or if you are suffering from any medical condition, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

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