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You are unique. You and your loved ones deserve a personalized wellness approach.

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Improve Your Quality of Life

Personalized health is not “one size fits all”. Your path to health should be designed with your specific wellness needs in mind. Sanesco’s NeuroWellness Program acts as a map for your healthcare provider. It helps your provider develop an efficient wellness plan for supporting your occasional symptoms—tailored just for you.


NeuroWellness program™

How Does It Work?

When important parts of your body’s communication system (neurotransmitters and hormones) aren’t working as well as they could, you may develop a variety of occasional symptoms that may reduce your quality of life. 

The NeuroWellness Program™  examines and identifies imbalances in your system. These results provide a map for your personal journey to health. It consists of three parts: lab testing connection resources, personalized reporting, and targeted nutritional support.


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the neurowellness program

At-Home Testing is Easy

The test results from our lab partners provide your healthcare provider with important information and data about the function of your nervous system. It only requires one urine sample to test your neurotransmitters. Saliva samples will also be collected to check your hormone response.

Your Personalized wellness program

Identify Roadblocks to Health

The test results help your healthcare provider identify where your neurotransmitters and hormones may need help. It also provides your healthcare provider with a CARE package which includes personalized data related to your individual biochemistry and occasional symptoms.

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A Patient-Centered Wellness Program

Your healthcare provider can use the CARE report as a roadmap to develop a program that meets your personal health goals and helps support your occasional symptoms. The program may incorporate targeted nutritional support formulas from Sanesco as well as data about lifestyle and other options your healthcare provider identifies.


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Inhibitory Neurotransmitter


One of our feel-good neurotransmitters; Low levels of serotonin may relate to occasional symptoms like moodiness, sleep issues, and carb cravings. 

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