a unique health care model uniting clinicians and their patients

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A Patient-Centered Process Trusted by Health Care Providers for Over 10 Years

Analyzing & monitoring HPA-T Axis function addresses the underlying root causes...

Our expertise lies in providing healthcare providers clinical insight on specialty laboratory tests, patient-provided health data points and providing natural options for each patient’s unique biochemical landscape.
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It all starts with our CLIA/COLA accredited High-Complexity Laboratory

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Personalized Clinical Analysis, Risk Management, & Patient Recommendations

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Trusted and Quality Ingredient Combinations in our Targeted Nutritional Therapy (TNT™)

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Managing Depression & Anxiety – HPA Focus

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Nutrition and Neurotransmitters

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Dancing Hormones

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Individualized Implementation Training

Learn more about our Neuroendocrine Clinical Analysis Program™ (NCAP).

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