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By implementing the NeuroWellness Progam™, fellow clinicians have successfully helped over 60,000 patients seeking prevention, wellness, or help with existing conditions—especially symptoms clinicians see every day. Clinicians have also seen improved patient retention as well as practice growth with referrals.

  • Stay competitive by offering innovative, personalized care.
  • Save time by streamlining your clinical approach.
  • Enhance your practice with top-notch support, testing, education, and nutritional formulas.


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Hear About the Sanesco Results

My patients are usually surprised that there is a way to test neurotransmitters. They've seen 25 doctors for their mood concerns, and they've never been tested. And, I think testing is key. How can you fix something if you don’t know what's causing it?

Sharon Norling, MD, MBA

What I noticed right away about the formulas was that they had the NSB in them. So many of our patients with adrenal issues also have gut issues, and they’re mal-absorbing. Getting them on a product that's going to actually be bioavailable was super important.

Kelly Engelmann, CFNP

Thank you very much for your wonderful review of the results with my patient today. It was extremely helpful and I look forward to helping my patients with your company and your insights and expertise in interpretation of the results.

Roopa Chari, MD
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Download the statistical analysis of over 700 patients below!

One of our feel-good neurotransmitters; when it is deficient, we can suffer mood disorders, sleep issues and carb cravings.

Learn why and how to test serotonin levels