Neuroendocrine System Management

How the NeuroWellness Program™ Works

Neuroendocrine System Management

How Does the NeuroWellness Program™ Work?

The NeuroWellness Program™ is a cycle with three components: neuroendocrine testing, personalized neuroendocrine analysis reporting, and Targeted Nutritional Therapy™ (TNT). Patients typically experience immediate relief from clinical complaints. However, optimal wellness is reached when neuroendocrine balance is achieved in 8-12 months.

To achieve optimal results, practitioners will usually complete 3 cycles during that time. Each cycle includes retesting, which gives the clinician and patient an opportunity to check progress and refine the therapeutic strategy as quality-of-life metrics improve.

With the evidence-based NeuroWellness Program, clinicians will significantly enhance patients’ quality of life while receiving support from the most experienced experts in neuroendocrine testing and analysis in the industry every step of the way.

The NeuroWellness Program has three components: 

NeuroLab specimen collection kit

Neuroendocrine Lab Testing

Patients collect urine and saliva samples using simple, in-home kits. Data from these samples provide a clinical benchmark by identifying neuroendocrine imbalances based on our evidence-based optimal ranges.

The baseline results help determine the initially recommended intervention, while follow-up testing helps to monitor and fine-tune the therapeutic options.

Each in-home kit contains a Quality-of-Life assessment survey that is critical in tracking clinical outcomes.

How the NeuroWellness Program Works 1

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Personalized Neuroendocrine Analysis Report

Every patient’s neuroendocrine data is analyzed using Sanesco’s proprietary algorithms. It is then matched with clinical insight from Sanesco’s Clinical Support department.

The clinician receives a Correlation Analysis Report and Education (CARE) package after each neuroendocrine test. The CARE package:

  • Links test results with patient concerns
  • Provides education about identified imbalances
  • Includes recommendations for Targeted Nutritional Therapy (TNT) formulas to promote neuroendocrine balance*

This personalized model has made Sanesco the global leader in neuroendocrine testing, using the latest evidence-based research and development.

Want to see an example of our personalized CARE package?

NeuroWellness Program CARE Package
Targeted Nutritional Therapy supplements
Targeted Nutritional Therapy supplements logo

Targeted Nutritional Therapy™

The Targeted Nutritional Therapy (TNT) line takes out the guesswork for you and your patients. Sanesco provides expert product guidance and premium-quality ingredients and botanicals. Many TNT formulas are paired with our innovative gut delivery system to optimize absorption and bioavailability of nutrients.

These evidence-based formulas are designed to bring balance to specific core neuroendocrine pathways.

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Track progress to optimal health

The Patient’s NeuroWellness Program™ Experience

Phases of the CSM clinical model
Initial Phase

Baseline Health 

Week 1
  • Determine the baseline neurotransmitter and hormone imbalances with an initial HPA-G Complete profile.
  • Understand the correlation between imbalances found by the lab and common health conditions.
  • Initiate a therapeutic approach to restore neuroendocrine balance.

Phases of the CSM clinical model
Restoration Phase

Retest 1

Week 9-12
  • Retest each patient within 6-9 weeks after establishing baseline levels.
  • Monitor and adjust therapy with recurring periodic testing.
  • Restore optimal levels in the patient and achieve balance.


Phases of the CSM clinical model
Maintenance Phase

Neuroendocrine Balance

Week 18-20
  • Achieve optimal levels for your patient to begin the Maintenance Phase.


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NeuroLab® and Sanesco Sample Patient Report

Receive a sample report of our most comprehensive profile, the HPA-G Complete which includes seven major neurotransmitters, seven major hormones and three neuroendocrine ratios.
NeuroWellness Program CARE Package

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