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Learn about our one-of-a-kind proprietary clinical model NeuroWellness Program and how it can help you in your practice.

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Understand all the available tools that we have provided for you to fast track your learning process and enable you to help your patients faster.

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Understand our processes and procedures, answer all of your remaining questions.

Sanesco’s NeuroWellness Program™ guides healthcare providers in addressing the underlying causes of common health concerns with a proprietary system that analyzes neurotransmitter and hormone imbalances, provides personalized clinical data, and offers a targeted non-drug adjunct to existing treatment.

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Lab Testing
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Personalized Neuroendocrine Analysis Report
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Targeted Nutritional Therapy™
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Hear About the Sanesco Results

“My patients are usually surprised that there is a way to test neurotransmitters. They’ve seen 25 doctors for thei mood concerns, and they’ve never been tested. And, l think testing is key. How can you fix something if you don’t know what’s causing it?”
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Sharon Norling, MD, MBA
“What I noticed right away about the formulas was that they had the NSB in them. So many of our patients with adrenal issues also have gut issues, and they’re malabsorbing. Getting them on a product that’s going to actually be bioavailable was super important.”
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Kelly Engelmann, CFNP
“Thank you very much for your wonderful review of the results with my patient today. It was extremely helpful and look forward to helping my patients with your company and your insights and expertise in interpretation of the results.”
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Roopa Chari, MD

Meet Our Team

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Your Implementation Specialist
Diana Lie Wright
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Your Implementation Specialist
Ty Hallock
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Your Implementation Specialist
Bobby Watson
NeuroLab® is a leading specialist in the research, analysis, and development of biomarkers associated with hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis function. Optimal HPA function is foundational to peak performance of the body’s neuroendocrine communication system. NeuroLab has run more than 100,000 neurotransmitter/hormone panels and, as the oldest neurotransmitter testing lab in the U.S., NeuroLab’s optimal ranges offer the most clinically relevant and complete neuroendocrine picture available in the industry. This personalized model has made Sanesco the global leader in neuroendocrine testing, using the latest evidence-based research and clinical tools.
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Accreditation and Certifications

COLA Inc. is a physician-directed organization whose purpose is to promote excellence in laboratory medicine and patient care through a program of voluntary education, consultation, and accreditation. The organization is an independent, non-profit accreditor whose education-based program and standards enable clinical laboratories and staff to meet U.S. CLIA 88 and other regulatory requirements.

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Inhibitory Neurotransmitter


One of our feel-good neurotransmitters; Low levels of serotonin may relate to occasional symptoms like moodiness, sleep issues, and carb cravings. 

Learn why and how to test serotonin levels