Clinical Accreditation, support programs, online resources and ongoing education

Belonging to the Sanesco Provider Network means you and your patient are truly supported.

Expand clinical utilization of the CSM™ safely and effectively.

When implementing the CSM™ model in your practice, members of our clinical support team are available for daily assistance pertaining to technical questions, clinical decision support and risk management advice, and are also equipped to provide a number of invaluable services and resources including:

  • One-on-one patient report interpretations with our clinical support team
  • Patient-specific targeted research
  • NCAP™ Accreditation Program

One-on-one Patient Report Interpretation Service

On the spot, or pre-scheduled, interpretations will allow you the opportunity to speak one-on-one with a Clinical Support Specialist to review your patient’s Correlation Analysis Report, and to address any issues or questions you may have about the correlation of symptoms, lab values, and/or therapeutic recommendations.

Neuroendocrine Clinical Analysis Program (NCAP™)

Sanesco is dedicated to providing practitioners with a thorough understanding of the body’s Communication System and the effects of rebalancing this system to achieve optimal health.

We provide expert technical training and clinical support to assist practitioners in choosing the most appropriate test profiles, interpreting test results, and selecting appropriate Targeted Nutritional Therapy formulas to address each patient’s specific needs.

The accreditation program was developed in collaboration with our network of medical doctors, health professionals and educators with the aim of giving you, the provider, the clinical implementation tools needed to drive the best clinical outcomes with our CSM™ model.

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