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Ingredient Sourcing - Targeted Nutritional Therapy

Ingredient Sourcing

As the industry leader in neuroendocrine health, Sanesco knows quality ingredients make all the difference. That is why Targeted Nutritional Support blends are formulated to  include high-quality, bioavailable and bioactive forms of amino acids, vitamins, botanicals, and minerals.. 

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All Sanesco formulas are manufactured in the U.S.A. We diligently select state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which meet or exceed our quality guidelines.

Sanesco is committed to providing healthcare providers and their patients the highest standard of excellence when it comes to quality assurance of our formulas. 

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From sourcing ingredients to storing finished formulas, Sanesco takes steps throughout the process to ensure delivery of only top-quality formulas to your door.  

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The Path to Wellness

Targeted Nutritional Therapy
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Optimize Your Patient Care, Enhance Your Practice

We hope to inspire others to learn more about the importance of neuroendocrine balance and how the NeuroWellness program may help improve quality of life.

Healthcare providers using the NeuroWellness program not only support their patients, but have found it to be a beneficial aspect of their clinic and practice growth. 

  • Stay competitive by offering innovative, personalized care. 
  • Save time by streamlining your patient support. 
  • Improve your bottom line by making Sanesco part of your practice’s success strategy. 
  • Enhance your practice with top-notch support, education, nutritional formulas and services.
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Inhibitory Neurotransmitter


One of our feel-good neurotransmitters; Low levels of serotonin may relate to occasional symptoms like moodiness, sleep issues, and carb cravings.