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Sanesco Participates in the 2016 Asheville Fit Company Challenge


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Sanesco International, Inc. came out in full force on Thursday, April 28, 2016 to participate in Asheville’s first Fit Company Challenge. With blue skies overhead on a warm spring day, the Sanesco team headed to UNC-Asheville’s Track and Field to complete a 3-course fitness challenge with the ultimate prize in sight – winning the title of Asheville’s Fittest Company.

Asheville Fit Company Challenge Course


Asheville Fit Company Challenge Start

The Challenge was divided into 3 courses that all participants must complete together as team.

Asheville Fit Company Challenge WarmUp


The courses included a series of relays, obstacles, and strength training exercises, including: kettle bell swings, push-ups, sit-ups, inverted rows, sandbag throws, a 90-second plank, burpees, suicide relay runs, agility courses, and 18 laps around the track.

Asheville Fit Company Challenge Kettle BellsAsheville Fit Company Challenge Inverted RowsAsheville Fit Company Challenge Push-UpsAsheville Fit Company Challenge Planks


Large, medium and small businesses were invited to participate in The Challenge. This year, four local companies participated. Sanesco had a total of six participants in the Fit Company Challenge which made up two teams of three. The company was thrilled to be invited to participate in this event, which has successfully been completed in other cities across the country such as Austin, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Nashville, and more.

Asheville Fit Company Challenge Sandbags“As a health-focused company, it was no question that Sanesco would be excited to show its support for the Fit Company Challenge,” said Director of Operations, Amy Shaffer. “More importantly, our objective was to inspire health and wellness amongst our employees and the community, and to have a super fun, team-building experience together outside of the office.”

The Fit Company Challenge was created to be the most effective and easiest way to inspire fitness in companies. On their website,, the organizers explain that ‘the event is designed to include any employee, crank up excitement and motivation, create unbreakable bonds between your team members, and be crazy fun for your employees.’

Laura Esmond, Office Coordinator, was the Sanesco Team Captain and facilitated Sanesco’s participation at The Challenge.  “It was so much fun!” she said.  “I really feel so much closer to some of the employees in other departments that I do not interact with daily at work.  I hope we can do it again next year!”


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