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Sample Report Recommendations

Sanesco's Clinical Reporting Highlights

  • Sanesco’s Correlation Analysis is the backbone of the CSM™ Clinical Model, providing practitioners with a comprehensive and individualized analysis of each patient’s neuroendocrine system.
  • This detailed correlation analysis distinguishes Sanesco as a unique clinical company determined to approach raw, reproducible laboratory data by how it incorporates with thorough interpretations, to create a customized experience for every patient and practitioner.
  • The components of each analysis are carefully chosen through collaboration with experienced practitioners in Sanesco’s network, and the oversight of our multidisciplinary medical board.
  • The invaluable combination of intensive research, clinical feedback, and Clinical Advisory Board expertise help develop the correlation information.
  • The laboratory data alone is not valuable without the “why,” or the reasons behind the imbalances.
  • Sanesco’s approach provides practitioners with the clinical information needed to apply directly into practice.

Bringing together the most relevant clinical and laboratory data in a patient-centered report

When a patient presents one or more symptoms to the practitioner, he or she is given the appropriate Sanesco test collection kit(s) to establish baseline neurotransmitter and/or hormone levels. Each non-invasive urine and/or saliva test provides a convenient, at-home collection method which encourages patient compliance.

Urine and saliva testing follows an CLIA-approved technology developed by Sanesco’s scientific board. The patient mails the collected sample(s) to Sanesco in a pre-addressed, postage-paid box. Together, along with the patient’s reported symptoms, patient information is logged by Sanesco and forwarded to NeuroLab™ for processing.

Test results are sent to Sanesco, whose expert team of multi-disciplinary researchers and clinicians develops a treatment protocol recommendation which takes into consideration the patient’s symptoms, the test results and over 100 self-reported lifestyle factors. These factors include, but are not limited to medications and supplementations, medical history, exercise level, etc. A copy of the test results is then forwarded to the practitioner, along with Sanesco’s individualized personal interpretation and educational insights.

Whenever requested, Sanesco’s expert team is also available to further interpret test results and assist the practitioner in selecting a viable therapeutic approach.

A key advantage of Sanesco’s functional assessment protocol is testing frequency. After an initial baseline is established, it is very important to retest a patient’s neuronal and hormonal responses to measure changes that occur over time. Once therapy is initiated, the patient’s levels begin to shift. Retesting allows for restoration of a patient’s health (a period that may last from three to nine months, depending on the individual and the severity of their symptoms).

When a patient’s symptoms are relieved and long-term health has been restored, annual or semi-annual testing should be conducted to maintain the patient’s state of health, and prevent the recurrence of the patient’s health concerns.


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