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Acupuncture, epigenetics, nutrition, biofeedback, yoga, Qigong, meditation, mindfulness, herbal medicine, reiki – what do all of these healing modalities represent for integrative health? The trajectory of today’s medical approach, as we progress towards integrating both modern and ancient traditions in our methods of healing. If you’re feeling simultaneously intrigued and reserved concerning these practices, you’re not alone.

A Patient-Driven Movement Seeking Options

Nearly 1 in 3 patients in the U.S. seek complementary medical treatments to supplement conventional care. As complementary and alternative medicine encroach on mainstream western medicine, more healthcare providers are looking towards enhancing their practice with alternative approaches with patient demand steadily increasing for these options to be available. According to the AMA, “The number of hospitals offering complementary and alternative medical services has tripled since 2000, driven principally by patient demand.”

This current transition of medical mindset is moving rapidly, and Sanesco is proud to be at the forefront of integrative medicine as a provider of an evidence-based, integrative therapeutic approach to assess and address neurotransmitter and adrenal hormone imbalances. Neuro-hormonal balances affecting HPA-T axis function may be contributing factors to the underlying cause of symptoms, which can eventually manifest into disease.

Integrative & Holistic Medicine: the Local Scene

Sanesco welcomed the arrival of spring by participating in two regional health events: the 3rd annual Asheville Wholistic Integrative Fair and the 6th annual Integrative Healthcare Conference.

“We wanted to get more involved in supporting the local integrative healthcare community this year, as Asheville is such a vibrant, health-conscious community. We believe it is important to educate the public and raise health awareness not only throughout the US and internationally, but also in our own backyard,” said Amy Shaffer, project manager at Sanesco Health.

Asheville Wholistic Integrative Fair (AWIF)

At the beginning of March, Sanesco participated in the Asheville Wholistic Integrative Fair, where health enthusiasts were able to explore and interact with a diverse range of available healing alternatives and integrative healthcare in the Asheville area. “The event catered to the full spectrum of integrative and alternative practices and provided a forum for gaining awareness in other modalities of healing,” said Alexis Rachkovsky, clinical support specialist at Sanesco.

MAHEC Integrative Healthcare Conference 

Sanesco also attended the Integrative Healthcare Conference, presented by MAHEC, March 27th – 29th, which focused on Practical Applications in Integrative Health: Innovations Across the Spectrum of Care and featured keynote speaker, Dean Ornish, MD. The conference was designed as an educational means of guiding practitioners into integrative healthcare and functional medicine and providing clinicians with the opportunity to achieve continuing medical education credits.

Conference highlights included topics such as mindfulness, which explores practicing conscious awareness and acceptance of the present in contrast to focusing on the past or the future, which creates depression and anxiety, respectively. Discussions led by Master Yang Yang, PhD, prominent Qigong practitioner, touched on the Chinese definition of crisis, represented by two Chinese characters, meaning both adversity and opportunity and the role of devoted practice and optimal health. Other topics included epigenetics and consciousness, nutrition and supplementation, application of functional medicine, patient-focused treatment and how to evaluate current alternative options and successfully incorporate them into practice.

Leading the Way—Preventative Medicine at the Forefront

Sanesco understands the patient and practitioner demand for options to traditional methods of assessment and treatment, leading the way in assessing, monitoring and correcting neurotransmitter imbalances. By furthering the knowledge and understanding of HPA-T axis function, we stand united in helping both our local community and the global community achieve sustainable, long-term health and wellness.

Looking for more information? Sanesco is changing the way practitioners approach balance in the body.

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Disclaimer: The information provided is only intended to be general educational information to the public. It does not constitute medical advice. If you have specific questions about any medical matter or if you are suffering from any medical condition, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

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