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NeuroLab™: Your Partner in Integrity


The integrity of any lab is defined by its standards and quality, the people behind it, and the lab’s technology and procedures. After all, you’re not just trusting your lab ‘partner’ to produce accurate neurotransmitter and hormone testing results for your patients—you are also entrusting them with your integrity, and your reputation.

It’s important to do your homework and select a lab that provides more than just fast results at an attractive price point.

Integrity of the Lab: Are there any legal citations or violations? Is it reliable?

For more than 10 years, NeuroLab® has served as an important resource at the forefront of patient-centered care, measuring biomarkers to address root cause of many chronic health issues. NeuroLab® is a leading specialist in the technology, analysis, and research of the biomarkers associated with HPA-T Axis function.

With both CLIA and COLA accreditation, we are fully compliant with current practices and have never failed an inspection. We deliver the most accurate, reproducible and reliable results, complete with an impeccable reputation and scrupulous attention to detail.

People Behind the Lab: Who are they, and what are their credentials and reputation?

R.W. “Chip” Watkins, MD, MPH, FAAFP, Chief Medical Officer and Laboratory Director, joined Sanesco International’s Medical Board in 2005. He is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and a past-president and Chairman of the Board of the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Watkins has earned the honorary degree of Fellow in the Academy of Family Physicians. He is on the Board of Directors of COLA as a representative of the American Academy of Family Physicians, as well as an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at both the UNC School of Medicine and the East Carolina School of Medicine.

NeuroLab’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. John Hofler, PhD, possesses over 30 years of experience in diagnostic assay development, including consulting, and international collaborative immunoassay development. His diversity of experience spans from the interpretation of verification and validation phases to successful product launches and regulatory approvals. Management and scope of experience extend to coordination of multi-site facilities, assessment of the potential of new technologies, and the use of laboratory facilities and quality assessment programs to meet and exceed the regulatory environment.

Lisa Samuelson has served as Lab Manager at NeuroLab for three years years. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she earned her Bachelors in Biology and her Masters in Molecular and Cellular Pathology. Before coming to Sanesco, Lisa worked for 12 years at UNC Chapel Hill as a Lab Manager and Research Specialist in the department of Transplant Surgery researching chronic liver disease and type 1 diabetes via the identification and isolation of tissue resident progenitor cell populations.

Lab Technology and Procedures: Is the equipment the most advanced and precise?

Neurolab® has recently invested in a new LC-MS (liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry) system. One of the most advanced of its kind, it was purchased to further the analysis and research of the biomarkers associated with HPA Axis function. The LC-MS system is the gold standard used to measure small molecules such as monoamines and catecholamines, and is found only in the most advanced laboratories. Additionally, we confirm our high operating standards through independent, 3rd party verification of our quality systems, processes, and procedures. NeuroLab® results are accurate, reliable, and reproducible.

Our mission is to provide practitioners with clinical tools to open a window into their patients’ neuroendocrine system. As patient demand for integrative healthcare options increases, we aim to support this growing need by partnering with practitioners, like you, whose current clinical approach and healing philosophy aligns with our mission. Hear what some of our practitioners have to say about their experiences with Sanesco and NeuroLab®.

Integrity: We speak it. We live it. We are grounded in it.

Sanesco Health

Sanesco Health

Disclaimer: The information provided is only intended to be general educational information to the public. It does not constitute medical advice. If you have specific questions about any medical matter or if you are suffering from any medical condition, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

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