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NeuroLab Continues to Receive Proficiency Testing Achievement


Your patients deserve the most accurate and reliable test results possible. That’s why Sanesco’s NeuroLab enrolls in third-party proficiency testing. NeuroLab is the leading specialist in testing biomarkers related to the HPA axis. Third-party proficiency testing adds another level of validation to our already top quality CLIA and COLA certified high complexity laboratory. We are proud to announce that NeuroLab has just received a certificate of achievement for successfully completing our proficiency testing for the December 2016-November 2017 testing cycle.

NeuroLab’s Proficiency Testing Program

Enrollment in a proficiency testing program means that at regular intervals throughout the year, a proficiency testing agency sends “challenges” to our lab for all federally regulated analytes that we test. These challenges consist of samples with specific concentrations of an analyte, only known to the agency.  NeuroLab processes the samples as part of our daily workflow and treats them as if they are patient samples. Then, the values generated from the samples are sent back to the agency where they are analyzed.  If values obtained by a participating laboratory are not within 80% of the known analyte concentration, a score of “unsatisfactory” is given and the lab is required to investigate what may have caused the erroneous results.  A second score of “unsatisfactory” may require the lab to cease patient testing until the problem is resolved.

NeuroLab’s Continued Achievement

NeuroLab has consistently passed our proficiency testing challenges, which are conducted several times throughout each year.  We have never received a score of “unsatisfactory” for any regulated analyte that we test. Sanesco and NeuroLab are committed to quality and accuracy when it comes to your patients’ lab results. That’s why we will continue to remain enrolled in proficiency testing. Obtaining accurate lab results is the crucial first step in assessing and rebalancing HPA axis function, and therefore improving quality of life for patients.

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