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A Diet High in Fat May Actually Contribute to Weight Loss


It seems as if America cannot get its story straight. There is a plethora of controversy surrounding the area of fat consumption when dieting. Some experts say you should steer clear of fat in your diet, while others suggest eating fats in order to help lose weight. With all the focus on fats, there is an important culprit that may be being overlooked: Carbohydrates, specifically, refined or high glycemic carbs.

Carbs and Weight Loss vs. Fats and Weight Loss

According to the late Dr. Broda Barnes, fat is digested and emptied out of the stomach much slower than carbohydrates. This fact has been demonstrated using barium and X-rays to measure food contents in the gut. Thus, a meal of carbohydrates will be digested much faster than a meal of fats containing the same number calories (Barnes 1976). This might leave the individual who just consumed a carbohydrate-dense meal hungry for more in the near future.

Therefore, one should avoid carbohydrates in an attempt to lose weight and not avoid fats. If anything, the right kinds of fat such as:

  • olive oil
  • avocado oil
  • nuts
  • fish, or fish oil
  • coconut oil
  • flax seed or oil
  • hemp oil

may be added to the diet in order to keep the stomach full longer, thus preventing overeating.

One should not totally avoid carbohydrates either. Some types of carbohydrates are better for weight loss and overall health than others. The kinds of carbohydrates to avoid are refined and high glycemic carbs. These include food products that contain refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup. The healthy kinds of carbs that one should be eating the proper amount of are complex carbs. These include:

  • green vegetables
  • whole-grains
  • starch-dense vegetables:
    • winter squash
    • sweet potatoes
    • pumpkin
  • whole corn
  • beans
  • lentils
  • peas


Serotonin and Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight and want to eliminate refined and high glycemic carbohydrates from your diet, you might want to speak to your doctor about measuring an important chemical in the brain: serotonin. The inhibitory neurotransmitter serotonin functions to promote a sense of calm and well-being and is released upon carbohydrate/glucose intake.

5-HTP to Reduce Carbohydrate Cravings

If serotonin is low, this may make cutting refined and high glycemic carbohydrates out of the diet more difficult as low levels can contribute to sugar cravings. If your lab results come back low for serotonin, taking its biochemical precursor, 5-HTP, may help rebuild serotonin stores and diminish carb cravings.

So, when you want to lose weight, don’t avoid fats, embrace them. Cut out refined and high glycemic carbohydrates and make sure to address any low serotonin levels.

Find a provider near you that offer serotonin testing as well as products to address low serotonin or become a provider.


Carbohydrates: Simple versus Complex. Available at: Accessed February 19, 2016.

Barnes BO, Galton L. Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness. New York: Crowell; 1976.


Clinical Contributor

Nathan Bridges

Clinical Support Manager at Sanesco International, Inc.

Nathan Bridges is the Clinical Support Manager at Sanesco. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Health and Wellness Promotion with a minor in Psychology. He keeps a healthy mind and body by trail running, playing chess, and regularly reviewing recent research.

Connie Shoemaker, ND

Connie Shoemaker, ND

“Educating Sanesco’s clients is the culmination of a life’s work.” Beginning when she left the hospital environment to manage a functional laboratory, Genova Diagnostics (formerly Great Smokies Laboratories) in 1987, Dr. Connie Shoemaker has continued to increase her knowledge of herbs and biochemistry as a journey of love. With her bachelor’s in science from Western Carolina University, she had worked in hospital laboratories for the first twelve years of her career. Then, personal health challenges led her to discover a new approach to her health and a determination to share it with others. In 1991, she began teaching and educating innovative practitioners in the U.S. and internationally as a manager of marketing, sales, and customer service.

The addition of her Doctor of Naturopathy degree to her existing knowledge base expanded her knowledge and her respect for a more natural approach to healing through balance. At Sanesco, she initially served to oversee technical development of products and services.

Now, she educates Sanesco’s clients on application of the CSM™ model for their specific patients and how to integrate the CSM™ model with other modalities they offer in their practice. In her personal life, Connie educates private clients on various health topics.

Disclaimer: The information provided is only intended to be general educational information to the public. It does not constitute medical advice. If you have specific questions about any medical matter or if you are suffering from any medical condition, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

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