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Behind the Scenes: Lisa Samuelson, Lab Director


Lisa Samuelson’s role at Sanesco is a pivotal one—she is the Lab Manager at NeuroLab™, a division of Sanesco International and a leading specialist in the technology, analysis, and research of the biomarkers associated with Hypothalmic-Pituitiary-Adrenal-Thyroid Axis function. With a Bachelors in Biology and a Masters in Molecular and Cellular Pathology from UNC at Chapel Hill, Lisa is fully prepared to manage a CLIA/COLA credited, high complexity lab. We hovered over the liquid chromatography mass spectrometer in the lab until she noticed us, and answered our questions!

Q. What is your proudest moment relative to work done with Sanesco?

Acquiring and validating the new LCMS. It took well over a year and at times looked like it was never going to happen.  It also allowed us to move all of our urine testing to one machine, something the lab had been trying to do since before I joined Sanesco. So to see that happen was rewarding.

 Q. What are 3 words to describe you, in regards to your career? 

Hardworking, Dedicated, Loyal

Q. What do you find the most challenging about your career?

The fact that science is always advancing and changing.  There is always something new to learn or experience.  Not necessarily a bad thing, you just have to be open minded and expect new challenges.

Q. What’s your favorite part of your job?

Never being bored! There is always something to do at Sanesco—no time to become bored or dissatisfied with my job here.

Q. What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years?

How difficult yet rewarding parenting is. It gives you a new perspective on life and a new respect for your own parents.

Q. What phobias do you have?

Flying, spiders, and snakes—not necessarily in that order.

Q. What’s on your bucket list? 

To go to Ireland.  My ancestors are from there and I would love to see it—that could be a challenge though, considering my previous answer!

Q. What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

My family.  I moved back to Asheville after 12 years away  to be close to them.

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Sanesco Health

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